I am a classically trained artist who has benefited from a long lineage of teaching artists dating back to 19th century France and beyond. As part of this tradition, an important part of my artistic practice involves sharing the knowledge that’s been passed down to me as well as the lessons I’ve learned from experience in my own studio.

I strive to create a professional, supportive, and non-judgmental environment in my classes to keep the focus on learning and allow students to calmly approach what can be the very difficult task of creating art.

I’m available to teach a regular art class or a one-time workshop. I am qualified to teach drawing, oil/acrylic painting, and watercolor classes. If you’re interested in taking a class or need teaching faculty for your organization, please contact me.


  • Perspective for Young Artists

    Creative Arts Workshop
    IN PERSON Saturdays, 1/21–1/28
    9:30 am–11 am

    Learn how to make 3D-looking images using one of the best drawing tools out there – perspective!  The class will cover the basic concepts of what perspective is, how perspective drawing matches up to how we see, and how to create your own perspective drawings.  One and two-point perspective will be covered.

  • Understanding Foreshortening in Figure Drawing

    Creative Arts Workshop
    New Haven, CT
    IN PERSON Saturdays, 4/15–4/22
    9:30 am–12:30 pm

    Artists are often confused when drawing a view of the figure that has an arm or a leg that “sticks out” at us. This class will teach new mental models for understanding the human form that are more flexible and can accommodate a wide range of views. We’ll draw from the live model and get you more sure with your foreshortening.

  • Figure Drawing-A Structral Approach

    Creative Arts Workshop
    New Haven, CT

    IN STUDIO Tuesdays April 12-May 3
    6:30 – 9:00 pm

    Learn how to understand and draw the figure in terms of simple volumes: cubes, cylinders and spheres.  Discover the connection between the interior structures of the skeleton and muscles and how they influence the outside shape of a body.  This approach gives you the tools to understand foreshortening and how to draw the figure from imagination.
    All levels welcome, some figure drawing experience recommended.

  • Fundamentals of Drawing (online)

    Art Students League
    New York City

    Mondays and Thursdays, 7:00pm – 8:30 pm ET
    Starts September 9, 2022!  Registration is ongoing on a monthly basis.

    This class teaches the basics of structural drawing, depicting light and shadow, and composition through the study of still-life objects. The class is designed to give students a clear process of looking and drawing that can be used both for simple objects and more complicated subjects. Each month will focus on a slightly different topic: contours, perspective, values, sketching, and others. The class is open to all skill levels but is designed to give beginning students a friendly but rigorous place to start drawing.


Color Spot Still Life

I am currently on sabbatical from teaching private lessons, but please contact me for more information about setting up classes in the future.

A short excerpt from a lecture on drawing the head and features where I took on the challenge of a five-minute “gesture” drawing of the head of the model and talked through my thought process as I went along.  Enjoy!