Portraits and Live Event Painting

There are many ways to work together to create unique works of art that are made just for you. Art offers a way to remember special moments and see family members and friends in a new way. A commissioned artwork can also make a memorable and thoughtful gift for people that you care for. I offer commissioned portraits in oil or pastel, quick 20-minute portraits in acrylic or pastel (great for events or parties!), and Live Event Painting.


Portraiture is a time-honored way of honoring loved ones, leaders of the community, and the ever-changing beauty of children. The process for making a portrait can go in different directions, but I usually like to start by meeting the person who will be painted (or learn about them from someone close to them). The more I know about the subject of the painting, the better I can make artistic decisions about what to capture in the final piece. Portraits can be created from photographs or from in-person studio sittings (or both). If you can visit the studio, I will take reference photos and do an in-person painting study if possible. We can discuss what medium (oil, pastel, or drawing) as well as size and format. I am offering portraits in a range of prices starting at $300 for charcoal portraits, $600 for pastel portraits, and $1000 for a portrait in oil.  (Individual projects will vary in price based on size, complexity and medium.)  Contact me to commission a portrait!

Small and Quick Portraits

If you’re interested in portraiture but want it fast, I can do that! I do live portrait paintings (about 20 minutes each) in acrylic or pastel. This can be a great art experience to provide to attendees at a fair or event as well as a way to give some guests a memorable piece of artwork to take home. Small portraits made ahead of time can also be a great gift to family members or a wedding party. This can be an economical way to start an art collection-by starting with paintings of those you care about most! Contact me if you’re interested in small and quick portraits.

Live Event Painting

What is Live Event Painting? It’s a unique way of making an artistic record of a special event while it’s happening. The artist creates an entire painting of an event (like a wedding, a party, a launch, a fundraiser) while the event is going on. At the end of the event, a new piece of artwork has been made and the attendees have gotten a chance to see the whole creative process from beginning to end. You can read more about it in this New York Times article. Live Event Paintings can become treasured keepsakes of a special day and a unique way of sharing and remembering it for many years after. Contact me if you’re interested in Live Event Painting.