Press for my work in the “2020” show

The Daily Nutmeg and the New Haven Independent both published articles on the recent “2020” show at Kehler Liddell Gallery and both featured my piece!

Check out “Seers” in the Daily Nutmeg by Kathy Leonard Czepiel:

An entirely different view is suggested by Eric March’s stippled, colorful Cone of Vision, an oil painting of a clownish group of people on a beach holding white cones to their eyes (or peering into them, or wearing them on their head), thus limiting what each of them sees of the larger scene. The reference, March explains in an artist statement, is to “a rule of perspective drawing that dictates that only a portion of one’s view should be included [in] a drawing to eliminate distortions,” and the point, or at least one of them, is that we each see only fragments of the world around us. In March’s painting, a little boy imitates the adults, forming a cone with his hands. Two young businessmen have complicated the exercise with a contraption of their own. A little girl stands to the side, unconcerned; she’s eating an ice cream cone. The elder of the group, a woman leaning on a cane, is looking outward through her cone. Her eye, like a penny at the bottom of a well, is fixed on us.

And read Brian Slattery’s piece in the New Haven Independent “Artists Have 2020 Vision”:

Other artists in the show ran with the association of the numbers 2020 with perfect eyesight. Eric March used it to connect the show’s theme to a painting full of energy and whimsy.

“2020” Show at Kehler Liddel Gallery

My piece “Cone of Vision” (40″ x 26″, oil on canvas, 2017-2019) was accepted in Kehler Liddel Gallery‘s annual juried exhibition “2020”

The show runs April 25th – May 26th, 2019.  973 Whalley Avenue, New Haven, CT.

There will be a Panel Discussion, “Dialogue in a Time of Discord,” moderated by Leah Andelsmith on Sunday, April 28th, @ 3pm with an Opening Reception to follow until 6pm.

I originally showed “Cone of Vision” in my “Coney Island:Myth and Memory” show in 2017.  But I reworked almost all it over the past year, keeping the essential concept and most of the poses but strengthening the weave of the composition and adding some new figures.  It’s a good piece and I’m proud of it.  And it looks better in person than in a jpg, so go see the show!  🙂

“Cone of Vision” refers to a concept in perspective drawing where you only draw a subset of your full view (what you can see within a 45-60 degree “cone” radiating out from your eye) to reduce the mismatch between the shapes the perspective system delivers and the shapes that you see with your eyes at the edges of your vision.  I once showed my students how this works by actually building paper cones that they could look through.  The result was a bit like what it looks like in this painting.

New Color Mixing Class at CAW

I’ve got a new painting class starting this Thursday in New Haven- “How to Mix Color: An Introduction to Color Theory and Color-Spot Painting”

Learn how to use the basics of color theory to improve your ability to mix colors that capture the vibrancy of the world of color around you. We will put theory to practice with a “color spot” painting from a still life that focuses on the exact relationship between the large areas of color that make up a composition.

4 Thursdays, 7-10 pm.
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Structural Portrait Drawing Class at CAW

Join me for an introduction to the basic forms of the head and features.  Then we’ll explore how to use this understanding to capture a convincing likeness of a live model in light and shadow.  Finally!  Learn how to draw eyes in three dimensions!

Saturdays, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM, 1/12/2019 – 2/2/2019, 4 sessions: $180.00
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Creative Arts Workshop, 80 Audubon St, New Haven, CT